As Californians are under “Stay at Home” orders due to COVID-19, our day to day lives are affected in every way.

When we come out of quarantine do we want to live in a world that allows for the legal marriage of children?

We may be physically confined to our homes, but our ability to shape the world we want to live in remains.

We encourage you to participate in our Action Network digital letter-writing campaign. Act now to inform California leaders and legislators that we must end Child Marriage.

Our Mission

Global Hope 365 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, locally and worldwide, by advocating for their safety through raising awareness, education, and empowerment. We do this by collaborating with local groups and institutions to help them in solving inequitable practices based on gender. Our focus is on ending harmful practices towards women and girls such as Child Marriage, Human Trafficking, and Menstrual Restrictions.

Our Story

Global Hope 365 was formed to promote global change through local action. Global Hope 365 is a nonprofit with global reach as Rima Nashashibi is a global citizen with a global network of friends and family. After a series of experiences, timely conversations and eye-opening articles from international journalists, Rima knew she could no longer ignore the atrocities women suffer locally and globally. Global Hope 365 is built on Rima’s dedication to education, empowerment, philanthropy, and exuberant advocacy for women and girls. Read Rima’s full bio here.


Global Hope 365 has ambitious goals for 2020 including advocacy for ending child marriage in California, increased human trafficking perpetrator penalties, and sponsoring dignified menstruation educators in Nepal.

“When you go through a hard period, when everything seems to oppose you, when you feel you cannot even bear one more minute, never give up! Because it is the time and place that the course will divert!”

Rumi, 13th Century Poet





At Global Hope 365, we are working 365 days a year towards our mission to empower women and girls. At Global Hope 365, local actions have global impact. We invite you to explore opportunities to support our mission.