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Rima Nashashibi launched Global Hope 365, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in June 2017. Since the launch of Global Hope 365, Rima has focused her daily activities around outreach, advocacy, education, raising awareness and saving lives. Through Rima’s advocacy, citizens of California have been shocked to learn that Child Marriage is legal in their home state. Although Human Trafficking is a more widely recognized issue in the state of California, Rima advocates for the policies and laws that will disrupt the market of buying and selling women and children for sex.

The mission statement of Global Hope 365 is as follows. “Global Hope 365 is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, locally and worldwide, by advocating for their safety through raising awareness, education, and empowerment. We do this by collaborating with local groups and institutions to help them in solving inequitable practices based on gender. Our focus is on ending harmful practices towards women and girls such as Child Marriage and Human Trafficking.”

About Rima Nashashibi: Rima has been a leader in civil and human rights for three decades. In addition, Rima has assisted the U.S Department of State under three Administrations and as recent as March of this year, Rima was selected to provide training to the “Women of Courage” award recipients, visiting LA from around the world just like she did the year before. Rima most notably, conducted empowerment training from 2000-2016 for women and girls in the Middle East, including preparing Saudi Arabian women to vote and run for office for the first time in that country's history.

Recipient of Numerous Awards: Most recently Rima was nominated as one of Orange County Business Journal's top businesswomen in Orange County, October 2020, and received a Congressional Woman of the Year Award in September 2020. In August 2019, Rima was recognized by Women For: Orange County in honor of her community service at the Thirty-Ninth Annual Suffrage Day Brunch. In May 2019, Rima was honored by Sunrise-USA, a leading NGO focused on providing humanitarian assistance to Syrians for her work benefitting Syrian refugees. The award recognized Rima’s work to rally Members of the Boards of Trustees in local Orange County school districts and City Council Members to communicate the unique educational needs of the refugee children. In April 2019, Rima received the Joseph R. Haiek Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arab American Civic Council.

Rima served as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County for a decade and subsequently served as President of the National Women Political Caucus in Orange County. Over the course of her political leadership Rima received many awards including*:

  • Harry S Truman Award Lifetime Achievement award from the Democratic Party of Orange County, 2006.

  • In honor of many years of dedicated service and leadership, Congressional Recognition, 2012.

  • In honor of Women Making a Difference, California State Senate Recognition, 2012

  • Nagi Daifallah Social Justice Award, 2015.

Rima Nashashibi serves on the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association of Orange County and the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA), a nonprofit committed to creating a world of peace and prosperity through Citizen Diplomacy.

*Partial list of awards. Full resume available upon request.

Global Hope 365 is active in the community and dedicated to the advancement of women’s and girl’s rights. We are organizing, fundraising, strategizing and advocating, and of course learning more each and every day on how to transform the landscape in Orange County, California, the US and around the world. Your donation is helpful, but your time is invaluable. You are invited to connect with us and join our efforts.

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