Women, girls, and babies are dying from Menstrual Restriction.

The Menstrual Restriction, affecting millions of girls and women in Nepal and to some extent globally due to stigma, taboos and discrimination, denies women and girls their basic human rights. The cultural ideas of shame and embarrassment associated with menstruation have pervaded across cultures and borders throughout the world for hundreds of years. In Nepal, girls and women are practicing more than 40 types of restrictions related to food, touch, and mobility which impact all aspects of a girl or woman’s daily life. If girls and women survive the monthly restriction practices without rape or death, the restrictions have long-term cumulative effects on health, education, and hygiene.

Why does this illegal and life-threatening practice continue?

The Menstrual Restriction is a tradition in Nepal and is widely accepted. It has been outlawed by the new law 2018 with three months jail, a fine, or both but it is not clear and not implemented at all. The practice is pervasive in rural areas where rates of illiteracy are high. Men and women believe that women are “bad luck”, impure and dirty when they are menstruating. As an example of the belief system behind this now illegal practice, men believe if they are touched by a menstruating woman, they will get sick. Neither the men or women are educated regarding human rights including menstrual rights. As late as 2017, 60 percent of people in one western region didn't even know the practice was illegal, according to a study conducted by two non-governmental organizations.

Women and girls deserve menstrual dignity.

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