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Child Marriage is happening in your own backyard

California, now the world’s fifth largest economy, does not offer children the protections one might suspect. In California, in 2017, a bill to that would have ended child marriage (by raising the minimum age to 18) ran into opposition from legislators, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

In September 2018, a law was passed (effective 1 Jan 2019) which requires the parents and partners of minors wishing to marry, to meet with court officials separately to determine if there is any coercion. Additionally, minors will now have to wait 30 days to get married, unless they are 17 and have completed high school, or one of the partners is pregnant. However, there is still no minimum age for children to marry if these conditions are met.

Please participate in our digital letter writing campaign to end child marriage in California and all other states.

Increase Human Trafficking Penalties

Global Hope 365 is educating city, county and local lawmakers on human trafficking prevention and increased penalties for offenders. Support our outreach efforts to establish a human trafficking perpetrator registry to help law enforcement efforts in preventing human trafficking victims.

Helping us raise $14,000 to support this local impact in Nepal

Radha Paudel is a nurse who is native to Nepal and speaks the Nepali language. Radha is able to go into the remote areas of Nepal to educate rural Nepalese families on menstrual dignity. Global Hope 365 initiated the “train the trainer” program to be implemented by the Radha Paudel foundation. This program trains men and women to raise awareness and enable cultural shifts in remote areas to save lives. Global Hope 365 is raising $14,000 in 2020 to promote the education of men and women in Nepal.

Global Hope 365 is active in the community and dedicated to the advancement of women’s and girl’s rights. We are organizing, fundraising, strategizing and advocating, and of course learning more each and every day on how to transform the landscape in Orange County, California, the US and around the world. Your donation is helpful, but your time is invaluable. You are invited to connect with us and join our efforts.

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