Five Cities in Southern California Passed a Resolution Against Child Marriage

December 20, 2020

Five Cities in Southern California Passed a Resolution Against Child Marriage as Part of Ending Child Marriage Advocacy Campaign

“As we reflect on the year 2020 and the challenges we have faced running a nonprofit during a pandemic, hosting The Child Marriage Survivor and Advocacy Summits and subsequently passing resolutions in five cities are our greatest accomplishments,” said Rima Nashashibi, President and Founder of Global Hope 365. Part of our mission at Global Hope 365 is to raise awareness regarding the abuses of Child Marriage. The resolutions are nonbinding but have been overwhelmingly successful in brining the issue of Child Marriage front and center to the minds of Mayors, City Council Members, and their constituents.

November 17, 2020 Fullerton

November 10, 2020 Yorba Linda

October 20, 2020 Newport Beach

August 26, 2020 Anaheim

August 12, 2020 Irvine

All five of the resolutions passed unanimously. This is a testament to the bipartisan support these issues have in Southern California. Both democrats and republicans sponsored resolutions at their city council meetings. The Child Marriage survivors are the heroes of this story. Many of the City Council Members who sponsored these resolutions were able to hear the survivors tell their stories at the Child Marriage Survivor Summit and Advocacy Summit organized by Global Hope 365 and the California Coalition to End Child Marriage which were held in July and August of this year.

Farrah Khan, now Mayor or Irvine, was a City Councilmember when she attended the Child Marriage events in the summer of 2020. Mayor Khan was deeply moved by the survivor stories and offered to introduce the resolution within weeks of the Child Marriage events. Mayor Peggy Huang, previous Councilmember, sponsored the resolution in Yorba Linda. Councilmember Jose Moreno sponsored it in Anaheim, and Councilmember Ahmed Zahra sponsored it in Fullerton. All three attended the Child Marriage Advocacy Summit in August. Diane Dixon sponsored the resolution in Newport Beach. Diane was unable to attend the Child Marriage Survivor and Advocacy Summits however, she was a guest speaker at a Global Hope 365 Coffee Meetup event.

“We are definitely on a roll. We have now passed five City Resolutions, which all passed unanimously. The issue of Child Marriage is gaining traction and awareness in Southern California and we hope to pass resolutions across the state in 2021. We will continue our statewide campaign at the City and County level to create awareness regarding the need for a law change at the state level,” said Rima Nashashibi.

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