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Fundraising for Human Trafficking Awareness Education

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

February 11, 2020

Global Hope 365 will co-host a fundraiser with Lorena and José Moreno at their home in Anaheim on Sunday, March 8, 2020, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Global Hope 365 is dedicated to spreading awareness on human trafficking to prevent future victims. In 2020, Global Hope 365 will focus on bringing Human Trafficking awareness training to Orange County schools including public, charter and private schools. Human Trafficking victims are being recruited by traffickers as teenagers. The average age of victims is 16 years old and some are being recruited as young as 12 years old. “As traffickers are using sophisticated methods to recruit, coerce, and silence victims, educating school-aged children will empower them to resist coercive and enticing techniques as well as empower them to report suspicious activities and perhaps save a friend’s life,” said Rima Nashashibi, President and Founder of Global Hope 365.

Rima is inspired by the work of San Diego County, District Attorney, Summer Stephan, a national leader in the fight against sexual exploitation and human trafficking, who has devoted her life to protecting children and families and providing justice to the voiceless and most vulnerable. DA Stephan formed the San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective and obtained a $3 million grant from the UBS Optimus Foundation to fund the program.

The March 8th Fundraiser will allow Rima to educate the community on Human Traffickers and present also offer a preventative solution. Rima hopes to raise the funds for a pilot program in Orange County. DA Summer Stephan and her team of educators will graciously provide the support and knowledge for us to implement the program in one of the schools in Orange County. “The curriculum has been developed and tested in San Diego, which will allow us to apply the curriculum while saving development costs; we estimate that we can educate students in Orange County for as little as $6 per student, said Rima.

As lifelong educators and community leaders, Lorena and José Moreno are aware of the prevalence of Human Trafficking in Orange County. José Moreno is a City council member and former Board President for Anaheim City School District as well as an Associate Professor at Cal State University Long Beach. Lorena Moreno, M.ED, is a Junior High Principal in the Anaheim Unified School District.

To receive an invitation to the Fundraiser, please email Ali Al-Hakeem at Global Hope 365.

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