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Monumental Victory: Two More States End Child Marriage

We are thrilled to share two more significant achievements in the ongoing battle to end Child Marriage across the nation. Two more states, Virginia and New Hampshire, have taken monumental steps to protect minors by closing Child Marriage loopholes and setting the legal marriage age at 18 with no exceptions.

Virginia: Closing the Child Marriage Loophole

Later this year, Virginia will officially close its Child Marriage loophole. Since 2016, the commonwealth has allowed emancipated minors between the ages of 16 and 18 to marry. Prior to this, the law permitted marriages for children between 16 and 18 with parental consent and even younger if at least one party was pregnant and a parent or guardian consented.

The impending law, carried by Delegate Karen Keys-Gamarra (D–Oakton), recognizes that the emancipation of a minor does not fully remove a parent’s or guardian’s influence in their lives. As Brigitte Combs, a self-identified child marriage survivor, poignantly shared with the Senate courts committee in February, “It didn’t matter if I was 15 or 17, because my parents would have done or had me do whatever was necessary to get me married. With all due respect, does anyone here actually think a vulnerable young person in fear of their parents or even God himself is going to protest?”

This change marks a significant victory in our mission to protect vulnerable minors from the pressures and consequences of child marriage.

New Hampshire: A Landmark Legislation

In another significant move, New Hampshire Governor Sununu has signed a landmark bill setting the marriage age at 18 with no exceptions. This makes New Hampshire the 13th state to end Child Marriage in the United States.

Setting the marriage age at 18 is crucial for safeguarding children from the risks and challenges associated with Child Marriage. This legislation ensures that young individuals are protected from entering into marriages that could jeopardize their health, education, and future prospects.

Our Commitment

These victories in Virginia and New Hampshire are significant steps forward in our nationwide effort to end Child Marriage. They demonstrate the power of advocacy and the importance of continued efforts to protect children from exploitation and harm.

At Global Hope 365, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing for stronger laws to end child marriage and protect our youth. We celebrate these achievements and are motivated to continue our work, knowing that each step forward brings us closer to a future where every child is safe and free from the risks of early marriage.

Let’s continue to stand strong and push for more changes to protect children everywhere. Together, we can make a difference.

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