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New Year’s Resolution to End Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Happy New Year! Have you decided on your New Year’s Resolutions yet for 2022? While you may have set some goals for personal growth, health, and wellness, we at Global Hope 365 urge you to add joining the fight to end human trafficking to your list.

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, with National Human Trafficking Awareness Day taking place on January 11th. To participate in raising awareness on social media on January 11th, you can join in on #WearBlueDay. The Blue Campaign, a national public awareness campaign adopted by the DHS Center for Countering Human Trafficking, will be hosting several special events and educational activities on the prevention of human trafficking and protection of exploited persons. Check out their website at: Please take the time to get involved and learn more about the current state of human trafficking and how you can help prevent it.

Resolutions to Help End Human Trafficking and Exploitation

If you are not sure where to start, here is a list of some new year resolutions you can make to help fight human trafficking and raise awareness within your own home & community:

  1. Know the Signs and Educate Yourself and Others – Take some time to research human trafficking statistics in your state, programs in place to help fight human trafficking, legislation to be passed to prevent human trafficking, and how you can join in on achieving justice. Make the commitment to attend an educational seminar and do your research on the signs of human trafficking. Share this knowledge by communicating what you have learned with friends, family, and loved ones. Help open up a conversation and raise awareness by starting with those around you.

  2. Donate to a Nonprofit Fighting Human Trafficking – A great way to make an impact in your community is to research the work of nonprofits fighting human trafficking and make a donation. By funding a nonprofit, you can help support them in their work to make legislative changes, provide valuable resources to survivors, and educate the public. To make a donation to Global Hope 365, visit:

  3. Speak With Your Children About Internet Safety – Now more than ever with the pandemic, children are using technology for their schoolwork and entertainment. This increased internet use also unfortunately means increased exposure to strangers on the internet, potential traffickers or groomers, and inappropriate content. One of the best ways you can help your children navigate the internet safely is to teach them the dangers of communicating virtually with strangers, to prevent them from posting any identifying personal information, and to turn on parental controls. Learn how you can keep your children safe with filters, safety features, and limited search ability.

  4. Participate in our California Action Network Digital Letter Writing Campaign – Current law provisions in the state of California require parental consent for Child Marriage which are exactly the provisions that allow this abuse to persist. To end the statutory rape of minors, we must end Child Marriage. We ask you to support our campaign by completing this form to advocate for “No Child Marriage under 18, No Exceptions.” Visit this link to participate:

  5. Call Your Elected Officials and Sign Petitions – Call up your local or state elected officials and advocate for legislation to fight against human trafficking. You can easily look up their contact information and get in touch about your concerns regarding legislation being passed to prevent trafficking and support survivors. Sign petitions in support of these changes. Voicing your concern can make a difference!

  6. Participate in Internet Awareness Campaigns – Join in on #WearBlueDay by taking a photo wearing blue by yourself or with friends/family and post it to the internet with this hashtag. Share some resources on human trafficking, hotlines for help, or even some statistics to raise awareness. Research other social media awareness campaigns such as #DefaultToSafety, #TraffickingTruth, #SupportSurvivors, and #ProtectOurChildren.

  7. Think Before You Shop – Practice conscious consumerism by not supporting businesses or companies that you suspect use forced labor, either locally or overseas. Check the labels on your clothes and the manufacturing process of the food you eat. By not funding these companies, you can help limit the demand for child or forced labor in trafficking.

Stay tuned for future Coffee Meetups and Educational Seminars from Global Hope 365. We can achieve great strides toward enacting change in 2022 with your help. By committing to some o all of these New Year’s Resolutions, you can be a part of the solution to #EndTtrafficking and #EndChildMarriage.

Global Hope 365 is active in the community and dedicated to the advancement of women’s and girl’s rights. We are organizing, fundraising, strategizing, and advocating, and of course learning more every day on how to transform the landscape in California, the U.S., and around the world. Your donation is helpful, but your time is invaluable. You are invited to connect with us and join our efforts.

Visit to learn more about our mission to end human trafficking and child marriage.

Together we can make a difference! Donate to help our mission:

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