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Rima Nashashibi Wins Inspirational Women Award from Los Angeles Times

On Tuesday, October 26th, the Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing hosted the Inspirational Women Forum & Awards. This event is held annually to recognize successful and accomplished female business leaders for their work spanning the past 24 months. Held virtually, this awards ceremony included three panel discussions with female business leaders and highlighted achievement in 10 different categories.

These categories included Rising Star (40 and under), Entrepreneur and Founder, CEO and Company Executives of a Small Company, CEO and Company Executives of a Midsize Company, CEO and Company Executives of a Large Company, and Non-Profit Executive. The Inspirational Women Forum & Awards praises and acknowledges the work of female business professionals and empowers them to continue their entrepreneurship and business growth.

Founder and President Rima Nashashibi of Global Hope 365 was nominated earlier in the year to be a finalist for the Inspirational Women Award. Rima Nashashibi launched Global Hope 365, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in June 2017. Since the launch of Global Hope 365, Rima has focused her daily activities around outreach, advocacy, education, raising awareness and saving lives. Through Rima’s advocacy, citizens of California have been shocked to learn that Child Marriage is legal in their home state and 43 other states. Although Human Trafficking is a more widely recognized issue in the state of California, Rima advocates for the policies and laws that will disrupt the market of buying and selling women and children for sex.

During the awards ceremony, the Los Angeles Times recognized Rima for her efforts as Honoree of the award for Non-Profit Executive. Global Hope 365 would like to congratulate Rima Nashashibi for her hard work and dedication to make a difference in our local community. As an inspirational business leader, she has helped to drive the success of Global Hope 365 as we continue to make great strides toward change.

Global Hope 365 continues the fight to end human trafficking and child marriage through raising awareness, education, prevention, and empowerment. We have achieved a lot of big wins lately but continue to need your helpful donations. Whatever you can contribute, even monthly, can help us raise awareness and make change in local communities and the nation.

We need your voice to speak out against injustice! Become an advocate for children and young women by taking part in our digital letter-writing campaign or by helping to pass a resolution in city or county. California currently does not have an “age floor” for child marriage, meaning girls of any age can be married to adult men with parental consent and judicial approval. Child marriage is a harmful system that takes advantage of young girls through legal loopholes, contributes to mental and physical abuse, discourages higher education, and contributes to the poverty of young women. With your help, we can pass legislation to end marriage under the age of 18, no exceptions. Act now to inform California leaders and legislators that we must end Child Marriage under 18, no exceptions.

To learn more about Global Hope 365’s work to end Child Marriage and Human Trafficking in this county, visit:

Global Hope 365 site -

Please consider becoming an Advocate:

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