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The Year in Review. Fighting Child Marriage and Human Trafficking: Accomplishments and Impact

Let’s look at the facts! Human exploitation and trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise globally at $150 billion global business – worth more than the profits of Apple, Amazon, Chase, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart – combined.

Orange County is a hotspot for human trafficking. Over 80% of human trafficking victims are shipped to Orange County due to the rich and wealthy population, yielding in a higher profit.

As another year comes to a close, Global Hope 365 would like to thank their supporters, donors, and advocates for their incredibly generous support of Global Hope 365’s work that has allowed the organization in the last 4 years to continue to raise awareness, educate, and empower to prevent future victims of child marriage, human trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence.

Highlights in 2022 included:

  • Initiating the launch of chapters on 3 campuses:

    • Berkley

    • Chapman

    • California State University, Fullerton.

  • Raising Awareness, Saving Lives Campaign

Global Hope 365 presented their Raising Awareness, Saving Lives campaign at various universities, colleges, and schools including Biola University, Chapman University (twice), California State University, Fullerton, Anaheim Union High School District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) of both administrators and parents, Valencia High School, Yorba Linda, and GirlUp Club.

  • Child Marriage Symposium

Global Hope 365’s founder and president Rima Nashashibi participated in over 91 panels and speaking engagements including the Child Marriage Symposium hosted by the IL State Bar Association (ISBA) and presented by the ISBA Law Section and in Chicago.

  • Raising Awareness at CSUF

CSUF President Virjee accepted Global Hope 365’s request to raise awareness on campus about child marriage and human trafficking and hosted the organization for 5 consecutive Tuesdays.

  • PR Service-Learning Project

Global Hope 365 was chosen by the PR Management Firm in February 2022, a team of graduating seniors in a public relations capstone course at Cal State Fullerton’s communication department for a public relations service-learning project which included on campus activities, social media posts and fundraising. Their team has experience and knowledge that they obtained in the past four years, working for non-profits.

  • Latest Victory in Villa Park

The city of Villa Park passed Global Hope 365’s resolution to End Child Marriage under 18, no Exceptions in November. That makes Villa Park the 13th city in Orange County that has passed Global Hope 365’s resolution

Global Hope 365’s impact

  • Global Hope 365’s team personally interacted with 401,008 citizens through the Raising Awareness, Saving Lives (c) campaign.

  • 7,079 Digital Letters were sent to elected officials to "End Child Marriage under 18, no Exceptions"

  • 13 out of 34 cities in Orange County and Culver City passed Global Hope 365’s resolution to "End Child Marriage under 18, no Exceptions."

  • 7 states across the nation that Global Hope 365’s founder and president Rima Nashashibi testified before to end child marriage under 18, no exceptions. NH, HI, RI, KS, NY, AK.

Please check Global Hope 365's website showing all the wonderful achievements that would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of their donors and advocates.

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