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Third Annual Global Hope 356 Walk/Run to End Child Marriage and Human Trafficking a Success

The third Annual Global Hope 365 Walk/Run to End Child Marriage and Human Trafficking was a wonderful success.

Global Hope 365 wants to express a thank you to all participants, sponsors and volunteers and a special thank you to Co-Host Mayor Farrah N. Khan of Irvine and MC, Senator Joe Dunn (Ret.).

Global Hope 365 expresses gratitude towards all sponsors and at the same time was very excited to see that other organizations such as Los Amigos of Orange County, Rotary Club of Orange County Digital, SABIL USA, and Zonta Club of Newport Harbor have joined the third Annual Global Hope 365 Walk/Run.

All participants and sponsors made this day special and memorable. Everyone stepped out to help End Child Marriage and Human Trafficking. The Walk/Run was energizing, empowering and action packed! A well organized team put together a professional event that was uplifting and inspiring. Global Hope 365 is also celebrating the fact that their two event coordinators Yasmeen and Zaid Baghdadi, Global Hope 365, and founder and president Rima Nashashibi received Congressional Certificates of Recognition from Representative Young Kim and City of Irvine Certificates of Recognition from Mayor Farrah N. Khan of Irvine.

The walkathon was held in the beautiful city of Irvine, CA along the scenic Jeffrey Open Space Trail.

The speakers that took the stage before the event delivered some encouraging and uplifting words to all participants, sponsors, and volunteers. The speaker lineup included MC Senator Joe Dunn (Ret.) Mayor Farrah Khan, Irvine Council Member Kathleen Treseder, Child Marriage Survivor and Advocate Elizabeth Sitton, Rima Nashashibi, founder and president and the advocacy representative of Zonta Club of Newport Harbor.

Global Hope 365 is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, locally and worldwide, by advocating for their safety through raising awareness, education, and empowerment. Their focus is to end harmful practices towards women and girls such as child marriage, human trafficking, and other forms of gender based violence.

It is important to take every opportunity to raise awareness about the prevalence of child marriage and human trafficking in our communities, sometimes hidden in plain sight. Human trafficking happens in all communities, rural and urban, and often in ways many of us would not suspect. There are hundreds of victims in Orange County, California, hundreds of thousands of victims in the United States, millions around the globe, and children are easy targets.

A special Thank You goes out to all Sponsors as follows:

Angel Sponsor:

The Kling Family Foundation

Platinum Sponsor:


Gold Sponsor:

Mohannad Malas/IRA CAPITAL

Silver Sponsor:

In honor of Rihab Yacoub Barakat

Fariba Hemat/Restore Hope in Youth

Bronze Sponsor:

Doug Chaffee, Orange County Board of Supervisors

Mayor Farah Khan, City of Irvine

Kathleen Treseder, Irvine City Council Member​

Afghan Literacy Foundation


United Nations Association, Orange County Chapter

Individual Sponsor:

Los Amigos of Orange County

Some facts about Human Trafficking and why it’s important to act!

Women and children are being sold for sex or labor, and sometimes both around the world, but most shockingly in the United States. Global Hope 365 advocates for more awareness, education, prevention, and tougher legislation targeting the buyers and traffickers that are fueling this 150 billion dollar crime industry. We do this by collaborating with local groups and institutions to help them in solving inequitable practices based on gender. Our focus is on ending harmful practices towards women and girls such as Child Marriage, Human Trafficking and other forms of Gender-Based Violence.

Worldwide there are an estimated 40.3 million victims, in the United States there is an estimated number of 403,000 victims, and 6,211 in California. In Orange County alone, there are 13 new victims identified every month. In 2016, 88% of labor trafficking victims were foreign nationals, 94% of sex trafficking victims were U.S. nationals, and 32% of sex trafficking victims were minors.

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