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Title: A Season of Thanks: Reflecting on Achievements and Rallying for Change

As the season of Thanks unfolds, Global Hope 365 stands in profound gratitude for the unwavering support received from each and every one of you. Your commitment has been the bedrock of our mission to eradicate Child Marriage, Human Trafficking, and other gender-based violence. Since our inception on 1/8/2019, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and as we embrace the closing days of 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible strides we've made, thanks to you.

A Year of Milestones: Your Impact in Action

This year, with your steadfast support, Global Hope 365 achieved significant milestones in our ongoing mission. We conducted over 468 presentations, primarily on school, college, and university campuses, reaching out and personally interacting with over 717,318 citizens. Additionally, your voices were amplified through the dispatch of over 9,200 digital letters and advocacy cards to elected officials. We testified in at least 7 states, advocating for change and justice. Your commitment has played a pivotal role in creating a safer world for the vulnerable.

Inspiration to Forge Ahead

As we look back on the impact we've made together, we are inspired and motivated to continue the crucial work that lies ahead. Your dedication has fueled our commitment to building a future free from exploitation and injustice.

Join the Fight: Help Us Raise $50k in the Last 50 Days of 2023

Now, more than ever, we need your support. Help us raise $50,000 in the last 50 days of 2023. Your contribution becomes a powerful tool in the fight for freedom and dignity. Donations enable us to spread awareness, advocate for legislative change, educate children at local schools, and undertake initiatives that empower vulnerable individuals.

You can also contribute by check. Make checks payable to Global Hope 365 and mail them to 335 Centennial Way, Suite 100, Tustin, CA 92780.

More to be thankful for and other Highlights of November:

Valérie Cantié's Award-Winning Documentary: Elevating the Discourse

We are thrilled to announce that Valérie Cantié's compelling documentary, "United States: the country that marries its children," featuring Global Hope 365, has won the prestigious Radio France Best Reporting Prize. This documentary now represents the French candidate vying for the title of the best report among all French-speaking public radios worldwide, including Radio France, Canada, RFI, Switzerland, Belgium, and more.

We are optimistic that this recognition will further elevate the discourse and awareness surrounding the critical issue of Child Marriage in the United States.

Celebrating Rima Nashashibi: A Heartfelt Birthday Tribute

As December 2nd approaches, we are eagerly anticipating a day of celebration and joy—it's the birthday of our remarkable founder and president, Rima Nashashibi! Rima, you are the heartbeat of our organization, and we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication and visionary leadership.

Rima, you embody the qualities of an inspirational leader, a kind friend and supporter, and a strong and respected advocate. Your passion to end Child Marriage and Human Trafficking has ignited a flame of change that continues to grow brighter with each passing day. Your voice resonates, reaching hearts and minds around the world, making a profound impact on the lives of the vulnerable.

As we celebrate your birthday, we wish you a year filled with love, joy, prosperity, and unparalleled success. Your tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we want this year to be a reflection of the positivity and change you've brought into the world.

For those who wish to make Rima's birthday even more special, consider being the #Spark4Change. Your donation not only brightens her day but also contributes to the ongoing mission to create a world free from exploitation and injustice. Join us in wishing Rima Nashashibi the happiest of birthdays and in expressing our heartfelt appreciation for the incredible leader and advocate she is. Cheers to you, Rima!

As we express our gratitude for the past, we also look forward with hope and determination. Together, we can continue to make a difference, creating a world where every child is free from the shackles of exploitation. Thank you for being an integral part of Global Hope 365's journey and for joining us in the fight for a safer, more just world.

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