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June 19th is International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

On 19th June each year, the world comes together to observe the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. This significant day, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly (A/RES/69/293), serves as a reminder of the urgent need to put an end to the atrocities of conflict-related sexual violence. It also stands as a poignant opportunity to honor the resilience of survivors and to raise global awareness about this harrowing issue. Every new wave of conflict brings with it a rising tide of human tragedy, including new waves of war’s oldest, most silenced, and least condemned crime - sexual violence. Today, we delve into the importance of this international day and reflect on the collective efforts required to address and eliminate sexual violence in conflict zones worldwide.

Recognizing the Impact:

Sexual violence during armed conflict is a grave violation of human rights, impacting individuals, families, and entire communities. It serves as a brutal weapon of war, causing physical and psychological trauma that lasts long after the conflict has ended. Women, girls, men, and boys can all fall victim to this heinous crime, with devastating consequences for their well-being, dignity, and societal reintegration. By acknowledging the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, we bring attention to the urgent need for action and support for survivors.

Honoring the Victims and Survivors:

This day provides an important platform to honor the courage and resilience of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. It recognizes their strength in overcoming unimaginable trauma and highlights their valuable role in building stronger, more inclusive societies. By amplifying their voices and sharing their stories, we create a space for healing, empowerment, and justice.

Raising Awareness and Mobilizing Change:

The International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict serves as a rallying point to raise global awareness about the severity of this issue. It reminds us that sexual violence should never be treated as an inevitable consequence of war. By shedding light on the far-reaching impact of conflict-related sexual violence, we can mobilize governments, organizations, and individuals to take concrete actions in preventing, responding to, and addressing this atrocity.

Key Actions towards Eradication:

  • Strengthening Legal Frameworks: Governments must prioritize the enactment and enforcement of legislation that criminalizes sexual violence in conflict and holds perpetrators accountable. This includes supporting national and international judicial mechanisms to ensure justice for survivors.

  • Protection and Support Services: Investing in comprehensive support services, including medical, psychological, and legal assistance, is crucial for survivors. Creating safe spaces and access to essential resources helps survivors regain control over their lives and promotes their healing and reintegration into society.

  • Empowering Women and Girls: Recognizing the unique vulnerabilities faced by women and girls in conflict situations, it is imperative to promote gender equality, provide education, and economic opportunities. Empowering women and girls strengthens their resilience and creates a more inclusive and sustainable peace.

  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention: Addressing the root causes of conflict and investing in peacebuilding initiatives are pivotal in eradicating sexual violence. Promoting dialogue, reconciliation, and community engagement can help prevent the recurrence of violence and ensure a safer future for all.

The International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict stands as a reminder that sexual violence during times of war is an affront to our shared humanity. By observing this day, we pay tribute to the victims, survivors, and advocates who have tirelessly fought to end conflict-related sexual violence. Together, we must continue to raise awareness, demand justice, and work towards a world where no one suffers the horrors of sexual violence. Let us stand united in our commitment to eliminate this grave human rights violation and create a future defined by peace, respect, and dignity for all.

We need to raise awareness of the need to put an end to conflict-related sexual violence, to honour the victims and survivors of sexual violence around the world and to pay tribute to all those who have courageously devoted their lives to and lost their lives in standing up for the eradication of these crimes.

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